Of CEOs and vision…

Today, I visited one of the offices of a very famous CEO in Dubai.

The business in itself is quite interesting, but even more interesting is the way that it is run. From the time I approached the reception, to the completion of the transaction, it was one amazing experience. And not because there was anything out of the ordinary, but because it didn’t need to be. Work of this nature can get a bit tricky, but here it didn’t. Stuff just happened like clockwork.

Paperless, seamless and stress-less.

Tokens on my phone, receipts by email and a followup feedback Google form. The latter was a surprise!

This CEO has multiple such departments, and they even have a friendly competition between themselves, to find out which one delights their customers the most. Those who don’t are named, and encouraged to get better and increase their ‘star’ rating – yes, these departments have ratings like hotels, with five star being the best.

Now for the punch. The CEO is none other than his Highness Sheikh Mohammad, and the office was the public notary. This is what vision and execution can do to a country – government departments rival, and in some cases, outperform their private counterparts. Zero corruption, flawless execution. Using technology to deliver excellent customer service.

Oh, there is a lot to learn from this country that has been my home from the past 18-odd years. What started as a speck in the desert has now sent a spaceship on the way to Mars, and another to soon visit the Moon. No, money doesn’t drive this. Vision does. And a relentless pursuit for excellence.

I only hope that I can help, in my own small way, to replicate this in India one day. It would truly make me happy!