Of expectorants and kitchen grouts…


Once seen as a must-have, specialization is now looked at with a little skepticism. Carving yourself a niche too narrow can be counter-productive, given the tendency for being a generalist and the dipping timelines for up-skilling.

I too am a generalist, but I do appreciate the specialists (sometimes). Specific knowledge is always handy. And when it’s coupled with experience, the result is a job well done. The past few months I have been acquiring skills in pharmaceutical drugs of a toddler variety, with the names of a wide range of cough syrups and virus-busters on the tip of my tongue.

In parallel, but not quite related, are my new skills in construction-related terminology, given the mammoth task I undertook in making a home from a collection of tiles, countertops, switches, paints and lights. Having gone through this painful, yet exciting undertaking, has given me a newly-found appreciation for specific skills, experience and zeal to be the best in one’s field. I also realize that I have used the word “new” and it’s derivatives once too many times in this blog, but I am digressing.

The point is that all nepotism is not bad – a lifetime of skills adds to another, and it can only result in beauty of work and results, provided of course, that the recipient of the said skills is competent enough. Here lies the catch, doesn’t it?

For now, I do possess specific knowhow in children’s pharma and kitchen cabinet handles. For those who dare connect them (to whatever effect they may have in mind) I say – try me. For the others, well, any knowledge is good knowledge, isn’t it?

Wish me luck (and a bit of extra marble since I’m a bit short).

See you tomorrow!