Of cultures and joyousness…

Muditā (Pāli and Sanskrit: मुदिता) is a Sanatan concept of joy, particularly an especially sympathetic or vicarious joy—the pleasure that comes from delighting in other people’s well-being.

Schadenfreude – pleasure derived by someone from another person’s misfortune.

Two words that do not have an equivalent in English. And two contrasting thoughts. One is about being happy when others are happy, having played no direct part in it, and the other is about being happy when someone else is sad, again, not having played any direct part in it.

Goes to show the difference in thinking of two cultures, doesn’t it?

This week was brutal – and today was the culmination. I don’t get this tired often, but I am today. So it’s time for a bit of shut eye and relaxation.

Which brings me to something that I had written a couple of years ago. Tomorrow’s another day!

It’s late, you are tired, been working all day,

Don’t worry, tomorrow you will be fresh again…

You missed going out with friends, a bit of partying,

Don’t worry, they will be there for you tomorrow again…

So many series to watch, movies to see,

It’s ok, new ones will be made again…

The end of the year is near, it’s time to wind down,

Keep going, a new year will dawn again…

Its the weekend, a time to relax

The weekend will come in five days, again…

Others aren’t working, so I can take a break

They too will be back to work again…

If one has an aim, and one has a passion

to make a mark, reach a goal, or just be the best you can be

strive on, persevere, and don’t give up

eyes ahead, focus, as far as you can see

Its easy to find an excuse, its easy to relax

to take it lightly, to not do but preach…

Working hard is hard, but the fruits are sweet