Of bits, bytes and clicks…

Ok so my router died today.

One can survive without food and water nowadays, but without the internet?? You got to be kidding me.

And so when a crisis of such magnitude hits, one has to press the panic button.

A few frantic calls to Du confirmed my initial suspicions that the router had served its time.

The search for a new router began via Google and PCMag reviews…by the way, why do we buy everything after reviews and top 10 lists nowadays?

Anyways, I zeroed in on the top no-gaming router – costs a bomb but I was like – work from home and 20 devices and hyper kid so well…

Amazon Prime said I would have to wait till Dec 7th…4 days!! De-carted the thing.

A second round of reviews and lists, this time from Amazon itself, brought me to TP-Link, apparently the no.1 among routers sold on Amazon and also Amazon’s choice (ahem) – AND Delivery today, so what was there to think?

A few hours later, the router arrived and I rolled up my sleeves, salivating at the thought of showing off my telecommunication engineer skills.

A couple of minutes later, Rohāmrta was watching his favorite bhajan on TV.

What transpired in between would ideally stay between me and you, the reader, but well, some things cannot be a secret now, can they?

I downloaded the tether app and hey and pesto – no and stuff from back in the day – a quick, customized process to get us back to business.

Love it.

Actually, hate it.

No chance to demonstrate why I spent 4 years in the middle of nowhere studying 65 subjects, most of which I have forgotten by the way..Wonder what they teach nowadays since everything is so ‘one-click’ setup and configure kinds.

Gone are the days of sitting at the computer making configurations that one didn’t understand but impressed the wife (or whoever it was) peeping from behind your shoulder, secretly thanking her lucky stars that the person in charge knew his stuff.

Oh, the good ol days!