30*30 done, what next?

And the journey goes on…

We had an exciting 30 days of fitness this November, as part of the 30*30 initiative. We managed to find as much time as we could to focus on our health and well-being – at least to make a start!

Here is what I shared with the team today:)

Thank you everybody, for wholeheartedly participating in the 30*30 initiative. I think we came together as a team to boost our own confidence and the confidence of others, and together managed to create a sustained momentum towards a better and fitter future.

But what about the winner?

Do we need to identify a winner? I think we all are winners, for trying our best to get this done. And so, as a little initiative from our side, we are looking at initiating a Focus on Fitness for 2023.

A set of initiatives involving health coaching (mind and body), diet and exercise tips from experts and one wellness getaway per year for staff and family.

I am working out the modalities and Apurva will interact with me for the details and nitty gritty.

Let’s make 2023 the year that we focus on reducing our clinic time, our medicine intake and increasing our zest for living a healthy life!

Well-being also includes less stress, more time towards our hobbies and vocations, and of course-family. How can we make work a part of our lives, seamlessly integrating into it rather than serving only as a mode of income? How can we love what we do better, so that we are in the best state of mind while working, or otherwise? How can we do our bit to serve the society that we live in, to do the best for our families and also for ourselves?

Don’t all these count towards a healthy life as well? Send in your suggestions!