Nine Nine Eight…


That’s the number of days of continuous blogging since I first started in March 2020.

Every single day, without fail. I believe this to be a small personal achievement.

Why didn’t I wait till the magic figure of 1000? Well, coz it doesn’t matter.

Our minds are tuned to certain numbers – ending in zeroes and fives mainly. We find it easier to track such numbers, hence the affinity towards them.

I just randomly calculated and realized that its been a long while, nearly three years. And time well spent. And a habit well developed.

Any habit is easy to develop, if you keep at it long enough, isn’t it?

Well, we had some interviews today (3rd round) and the general feedback I got from the candidates is that they loved the way we involved everyone in the process – them and our staff in a way that the team got to know the potential candidates and vice-versa. I liked it too – a sort of actual matchmaking rather than a stiff, nervous interview with template answers that is usually the case. I believe we can still improve on this, and make it a joyful experience.

As should be all experiences in life. It’s an interview, and if not selected, more will come to be. Companies form, they close, they thrive, they lose, but what matters is people. What matters is how you pass your days and lives, and each moment should be savored.

Easier said than done, but that’s only because we tend to forget very often:)

See you tomorrow!