Mangal bhavan amangal haari…

Another personal favorite of mine, the translations do not justify even a percent of the meaning of this bhajan. Instead of trying to find the meaning, let’s close our eyes and just revel in the beauty of these sounds.

Jai Shri Ram!

मंगल भवन अमंगल हारी
द्रवहु सुदसरथ अचर बिहारी
राम सिया राम सिया राम जय जय राम – २

Prabhu Ram, you are the abode of everything good and auspicious for all causes and the destroyer of all that is bad. Have compassion for me, oh beloved son of Dasharatha, the one who plays in his courtyard, his beloved son.

हो, होइहै वही जो राम रचि राखा
को करे तरफ़ बढ़ाए साखा
राम सिया राम सिया राम जय जय राम

When everything that has to happen, happens with the blessings of Shri Rama, then why do you worry about anything at all? Just seek refuge in Rama and all will be fine.

हो, धीरज धरम मित्र अरु नारी
आपद काल परखिये चारी
राम सिया राम सिया राम जय जय राम

One’s courage, Dharma, one’s friendships and one’s relationships are tested only during our bad times…in good times everyone is a friend and the way of Dharma is easy.

हो, जेहिके जेहि पर सत्य सनेहू
सो तेहि मिलय न कछु सन्देहू
राम सिया राम सिया राम जय जय राम

Real love cannot be hidden, and we meet only those who are meant to be met. The rest never come across us…

हो, जाकी रही भावना जैसी
रघु मूरति देखी तिन तैसी
राम सिया राम सिया राम जय जय राम

Sri Rama gives you a darshan as per your imagination of how he is, the way you worship him is the way he will be seen by you…

रघुकुल रीत सदा चली आई
प्राण जाए पर वचन न जाई
राम सिया राम सिया राम जय जय राम – २

Sri Rama hails from the vansh of Raghu, he would give up his life, but never go back on his words…

हो, हरि अनन्त हरि कथा अनन्ता
कहहि सुनहि बहुविधि सब संता
राम सिया राम सिया राम जय जय राम
राम सिया राम सिया राम जय जय राम
राम सिया राम सिया राम जय जय राम

Just like Sri Vishnu is endless, so is his story, his saga. Many learned ones have seen him and heard his story, in many different ways, this is just one…