Let the games begin!

The school is about to begin.

We got the invite for the orientation, with a cover letter, teachers welcome and a whole load of details. Also about purchasing around 700 dirhams worth of stationery and uniforms. And many, many instructions – about homework that will be given on Friday for prompt delivery by Monday. Swimming kit, snacks kit, fruits only breaks, and green school initiatives.

All for a child who has just turned three.

That the sent letters had quite a few grammatical errors was beside the point. I also overlooked the clichéd ‘ask a fish to climb a tree’ tripe. Obviously, someone has been busy paraphrasing similar letters found on the internet. Willing to turn a blind eye to most of this.

What I find hard to digest though, is the genuineness that seems missing throughout. Everyone is going through the motions, but pretending that they are not. We included. In the middle of this drama, is the kid who doesn’t know yet what he is getting into. I hope that I can give him enough to get through the school system, and impart a proper education to him personally – both of which would have been great if done together, but most likely will be separate endeavors.

Let the games begin!