And finally, my home is nearly ready. A long time, but I know it will be worth it.

An amount of Rs 11.30 crore was spent on interior decoration; Rs 6.02 crore on stone and marble flooring; Rs 1 crore on interior consultancy; Rs 2.58 crore on electrical fittings and appliances; Rs 2.85 crore on a fire-fighting system; Rs 1.41 crore on wardrobe and accessories fittings; and Rs 1.1 crore on kitchen appliances. About Rs 1 crore was spent on curtains alone. Rs 45 crore in total.

A huge bill. And no, this wasn’t for my house, not remotely close, not even on the same vicinity as these figures. These amounts were spent for the renovation of the scamster Chief Minister of Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal.

As he gets arrested (finally) today, I look back and compare my own spending, so very modest in comparison. But I don’t wear oversized shirts hanging over ill-fitting pants and bathroom slippers, with a Reynolds pen in my pocket, and so I can’t possibly afford dreams such as these. A thief in plain sight, yet it took so long.

Good riddance.