Its ME time!

It’s ME time. For everyone in office. Here is a circular that I sent out today.

Health is wealth – everyone knows that, but how many of us heed this advice? Some of us are “too busy” to exercise. Others start with vigor, and somewhere down the line, work and family commitments take over and we start neglecting our health again.  We have started new exercise routines (mostly on New Year) and stopped them in weeks, sometimes days.  

A healthy body, is a healthy mind. A healthy mind helps us work better, more efficiently, and with much lesser stress. 

The 30 minutes that you “spend” in exercise daily, can actually help you “gain” much more in terms of efficiency, lower stress, and overall happiness.  

Dubai has been celebrating The Dubai Fitness Challenge every November. 30 minutes, 30 days. And then a habit forms, which you tend to continue and stick to.  Lets start from tomorrow. 

The 10 Leaves 30*30 – across Dubai and India. Your choice of exercise – yoga, weights, walking, Pilates, dance, martial arts, running, swimming, anything. The commitment is to get this done for 30 minutes daily, 30 days in a row. From 29th October to 27th November. Sat and Sun included! 

And not just exercise. What you eat matters the most. Eat well (diets don’t work), but the right food and the right quantity. Coupled with the 30*30, let’s try to find a new ME in us this month.  

Age, sex, body type no bar. Everyone can eat well and exercise. So let’s begin!

To help, we will reduce office hours by 30 minutes each day, for the whole month. So no more excuses. Get down to it! 

We can also have workshops/short training sessions that we can conduct among ourselves – small tips, some quick exercises, anything to help. I am willing to conduct a couple, who else can pitch in?  Topics also include diet – dial your dietician friends for tips, and share them with all of us.  


Those who use fitness apps (Dubai Fitness Challenge has one) can login and post their scores. Others who use Fitbit/Apple Watch etc. send in your scores as well, on a daily basis. Those who do not have any such tracking mechanism – note down your scores (no. of minutes ) and send them in everyday.  


The one with the most minutes – WINS! – be warned, it is not easy to beat me, and I am competing:)) Also, the team with the most average minutes – WINS! So gear up, and get started! Apurva will lead this initiative by compiling the info – make it easy for her and pitch in. Also, as many exercise selfies as possible! 

If you are a business owner, try this out with your staff – mutually rewarding! And if you are employed, well, try it anyways. 30*30 – the first step to a healthier you:)

Tell me how it goes!