Gayatri Ramayanam – Part 4

१९. य –
यस्य विक्रममासाद्य राक्षसा निधनं गताः |
तं मन्ये राघवं वीरं नारायणमनामयम् || ६-७२-११

“On the strength of whose valour many rakshasas lost their lives that valiant Rama, I think, is the eternal Narayana Himself.”

[Note: These are the musings of Ravana when many of his commanders and his brother Kumbhakarna were put to death by Rama and Lakshmana]

०. न –
न ते ददृशिरे रामं दहन्तमरिवाहिनीम् |
मोहिताः परमास्त्रेण गान्धर्वेण महात्मना || ६-९४-२६

The large-hearted  Rama was scorching to death the army of the enemy but the rakshasas could not see him, deluded as they were by the  Gandharvastra (shot from the bow of Rama).

२१. प्र –
प्रणम्य देवताभ्यश्च ब्राह्मणेभ्यश्च मैथिली |
बद्धाञ्जलिपुटा चेदमुवाचाग्निसमीपतः || ६-११९-२३ – युद्धकाण्डम्

Offering her salutations to the devas and the brahmanas  Sita, with folded hands went near Agni and spoke thus.

[Note: As commanded by Rama Sita steps into fire to prove her chastity and prays to Agni thus:

यथा मे हृदयं नित्यं नापसर्पति राघवात् ।            
तथा लोकस्य साक्षी मां सर्वतः पातु पावकः ॥             
यथा मां शुद्धचारित्रां दुष्टां जानाति राघवः।             
तथा लोकस्य साक्षी मां सर्वतः पातु पावकः ॥

Just as my heart never moves away from Rama, so Agni the witness for all the world protect me from all sides.
I am pure and chaste but Rama thinks I am polluted; so Agni the witness for all the world protect me from all sides.]

२२. च –
चालनात् पर्वतस्यैव गणा देवस्य कम्पिताः |
चचाल पार्वती चापि तदाश्लिष्टा महेश्वरम् || ७-१६-२६

When the mountain was shaking, the ganas and devas were tossed about.  Parvati also felt the tremor and embraced her consort Maheshwara (Siva).

[Note:  The context is when Ravana tried to uproot the Kailasa Mountain, the abode of Siva, when his Pushpaka was not allowed to fly over it by Nandi]

२३. द –
दाराः पुत्राः पुरं राष्ट्रं भोगाच्छादनभोजनम् |
सर्वमेवाविभक्तं नो भविष्यति हरीश्वर || ७-३४-४१

O Chief of Vanaras,  henceforth wives, sons, city, country, objects of enjoyment, clothes and food would be undivided between us, that is, we will partake of them as common assets.

[Note: Ravana was overcome by Vali’s superior strength.  Discretion being the better part of valour, Ravana concluded a treaty of friendship with Vali.  The above are words of Ravana to Vali]  

२४. य –
यामेव रात्रिं शत्रुघ्नः पर्णशालां समाविशत् |
तामेव रात्रिं सीतापि प्रसूता दारकद्वयम् || ७-६६-१ – उत्तरकाण्डम्

The night during which  Satrughna entered the hermitage of Valmiki, the same night Sita was delivered of twin male children.

इदं रामायणं कृत्स्नं गायत्रीबीजसंयुतम् |
त्रिसन्ध्यं यः पठेन्नित्यं सर्वपापैः प्रमुच्यते ||

Those who recite this, the whole of the story of Rama, composed of the bijaksharas (seed letters) of Gayatri Mantra, in the morning, midday and evening sandhyas, will be rid of all his evil deeds.

यावदावर्तते चक्रं यावती च वसुन्धरा |
तावद्वर्षसहस्राणि स्वामित्वमवधारय ||
मङ्गलं कोसलेन्द्राय महनीयगुणात्मने |
चक्रवर्ति तनूजाय सार्वभौमाय मङ्गलम् ||

As long as the circle of planets keeps revolving, As long as the earth lasts, May Your reign last here. This is our prayer to ShrīRāma as well.

इति गायत्री रामायणं सम्पूर्णम्|