Dubai rocks!

Of course, you all know by now that Dubai received the highest rainfall in 75 years, and images and videos of flooded roads and houses and cars abandoned on the roads have done multiple rounds on social media.

Yes, happened. But that is nature. Not in your control. And no, this was not cloud seeding, for all the armchair weather experts out there.

What was in control was the response. And the response has been swift. As I type this, most arterial roads have been cleared and the public has been encouraged to stay at home to get out the way while relief efforts are underway. The airport is already functional. By tomorrow, most of the water will have been pumped out, and knowing how Dubai works, Monday will be a return to business as usual.

This is what I like about the place. Come what may, everything is taken as a challenge – to get things done, to get back on the feet, to address issues head on. Dubai is resilient, and I am sure we will be well-prepared the next time this happens. Of course, I hope this doesn’t happen again!

Stay safe:)