And then we were seven…

Seven years back we started with one, now we are many. I don’t quite recall the process of selecting the name and creating the logo in vivid detail, but here is a tidbit – we were originally called DAS LEAVES – Das being German for ‘the’. I also had to domain for it, and a couple of proposals went from there. Somehow we transitioned to 10 replacing Das – I think one of the thought processes behind it was that DAS sounds like DUS which means 10 in Hindi!

Names aside, we have built this together, many bricks in the wall and many more to come:) Let’s try tp do something different this year – reinvent ourselves again, try to improve upon the old ways, and come up with pathbreaking new ways – that’s the exciting bit about working isn’t it? Changing paradigms, using new tools, discovering new strategies, but above all, learning more. 

Thank you all for making 10 Leaves come alive. Thank you for working hard to build this slightly quirky company. Let’s all get together to find new ways to enjoy this year – together, celebrating what’s most important of all – LIFE. 

Welcome to year 8!