Day one done!

Day 1 – done!

Well, was a bit of an anti-climax actually, since it went pretty smoothly – he got up well, ate well, went to school without any fuss and was cheerful when we picked him up. Also, no traffic snarls and no untoward incidents. Phew.

Ok, I know that this is just the start, but at least it was the right foot forward. The road is long, and the journey quite tedious at times, however, let’s hope that it is one of discovery and not of rote and grades. I almost (almost) felt like going back to school myself, seeing the plush green lawns, the jogging tracks and tennis courts – and the overall feeling of well, being in a school. That ship has long sailed though, and the best I can do is to ensure that Rohāmrta enoys his school time to the fullest.

What say?