A new phase begins…

Tomorrow is Keshav’s first day at his first school.

While he has been going to nursery for nearly a year, this will be his first experience of a formal school – at pre-kindergarten.

He is of course oblivious to this (for now), but as parents, we do have butterflies in our stomachs. How will he take it? Will he be able to adjust himself to the new surroundings, people, friends?

Formal schooling brings with it a certain amount of discipline, which I am a big advocate of. However, there is a thin line between discipline and over-discipline, which at a young age, can possibly stifle the free spirit of a child – one who is still in the early years of discovering the world around him. We as adults still have a tendency of internalizing our negative feelings, and a child who cannot yet express himself fully, may be more prone to it…we will have to look out for him and reassure him that our love for him is just the same, if not more, and that can be tough when the barrier of language exists.

Nevertheless, a challenging period for both. As I said earlier – I hope that I can give him enough to get through the school system, and impart a proper education to him personally – both of which would have been great if done together, but most likely will be separate endeavors. 

Life enters a new phase. Wish us luck!