Day 5 – Of noise and silence…

There is so much noise in life nowadays…

NOISE: any random fluctuations of data that hinders perception of a signal.

That is the engineering version of it, and it’s the noise that I refer to.

From the time we wake, to the time we sleep, noise and more noise.

Firstly, the phone. Multiple apps to check, multiple notifications…then the news (which is mostly actual noise anyways), then calls, messages, distractions, interruptions…

I start my day early – around 4.30-5 am. Wihin 15-20 mins, I am showered, changed and outside in the dark, meditating and hearing the silence. You should try it – truly exhilarating. Not even the birds are up, no crickets, nothing. As close to silence that you can get in an otherwise bustling city.

That 30-45 minutes I spend in silence helps me get through a 12-14 hour workday, which is full of noise. Oh, how beautiful it would be if I could continue the silence into the workday as well, but then, the nature of my work does not allow me that luxury. Not complaining though.

I had been to Vashishta cave near Rishikesh, way back in 2019. We spent around 5 minutes there, in the middle of the day, but that was about as silent as I had ever experienced. Eerie kind of silence. In a way, meditating there day and night would egg you onto liberation – either that, or madness.

So too much silence too is deafening. A balance is required, but more on the silent side. Being quiet in mind is a superpower. I have yet to achieve it. But I know I will. However difficult it seems at present, when I put my mind to it, I will.

Till then, one just has to cope with the noise.

Try the early morning silence. The weather is good too, and it doesn’t get brighter till around 7. Just 15 minutes of silence will help you immensely.

Tell me how you felt!