Day 4 – What you think..

Firstly, I don’t know how long this “Day (number) will go on. So if I stop this system midway, do overlook it:)

Have you noticed that when you start a new project, or find a new passion, or maybe a new service (as in my case), you start to attract like-minded individuals and all of a sudden a lot of people around you start speaking to you about the same thing?

If that sentence was a bit too long for you, let me explain. I have been working on setting up a new division for blockchain-based consulting (crypto colloquially) and spent a good part of the last six months researching, reading and trying out stuff.

Now all of a sudden, as I am set to launch on the 15th, nearly 40% of all my conversations are related to blockchain and crypto. It’s as if I hung a board on me that said I now offer this service. And these are existing clients, new prospects, acquaintances…no set pattern. The only commonality is that they call me to discuss this.

Uncanny. But this happens. If you observe carefully. It’s similar to when you are on the lookout to purchase a new car or a new bike, and all of a sudden, you notice so many of them on the road.

This is because our brain is taught to process in approximations. We don’t process each and every bit of info that hits our eyes and ears, because that would require a hell lot of processing (brain) power wasted on something that we already know. You enter your room, you don’t have to study it again. The brain scans, knows it’s the same and then moves on.

Unless, something is out of place. You catch it immediately.

I think an extension of this feature is the collective brain – or the society and our surroundings at large. There are many forces at work, many that science has not yet figured out. The same kind of forces that make birds flock to my terrace as soon as I keep some grain for them, the same science that leads a fly or an ant to food.

Some parts also contribute to that feeling when you think of someone and they call..or when someone is hurt and you know.

We all exist as a collective, we think as a collective, and we operate as a collective. What you think (hard enough) manifests itself…

तस्मात् यत् पुरुषः सनसाअभिगच्छति।

तत् वाचा वदति।

तत् कर्मणा करोति।

यत् मनसः रेतः प्रथमं आतीत्।

तद्  कामः अग्रे समवर्तताधि।

तत् एषाअभि अनूक्ता ।

Whatever one thinks from one’s mind, that one does, what is first in the mind as a seed, later becomes desire, and then becomes what we are. 

So watch your thoughts, words and actions, because they become habits, and in turn, your destiny. 

Taitreya Aranyaka of Krishna Yajur Veda, Chapter 1, Anuvaga 23, Verse 1.