Day 2 – A call with the master

A lot of work done today. I had set a target for the launch of a service and am staying on track.

Also visited the dentist who gave me the good news (for her) and terrible news (for me) that I will need that RC. So much for dental health. Made a mental note to ensure that my son does not ever miss his dental appointments. Have saved the x-rays of my decaying teeth to ensure compliance.

The highlight of the day was a call from my Karate master Kancho Rakum. We spoke after long and I went into full student mode. After more than 30 years, the student in me still stays strong. Maybe this is what helps me read and write so much.

You should visit A lot of good work being done there. You can sponsor lunch or dinner on occasions, and I strongly recommend it. The kids pray for you, and God has a special place in his heart for their prayers. If you are in Bengaluru, and in non-COVID times, you can also go down there and serve the kids with your own hands. That too is an experience in itself.

A related project is the Ashrama in Devanahalli, where you can meet Acharya Sri Rakumjee himself. They have a good thing going there, with nice little hamlets where you can stay over and spend time with the kids. I used to go there whenever I visited Bengaluru, but haven’t been able to make it ever since the COVID outbreak. But it is a blissful experience, so do try it when you can.

Having a guide is important, in every stage of your life. However young or old you are, however mature, or spiritual, or successful – everyone needs a person they can look up to and learn from…

The guru-shishya parampara that was the hallmark of our civilization is alive and kicking in some parts of India, but needs to be more prevalent. A lot of learning, experience and wisdom passes through those channels, which we miss out on in the process of formal education. I will ensure that my son has good access to it:)

The tooth pains, and sleep beckons. Today is the first Sunday of many more, where it is finally an official holiday here in the Emirates. Tomorrow is Monday – the first day of the new week of the new year!

See you tomorrow…