Day 1 – good!

My first decision of the year – quit Facebook.

While I was already not active on it for a few months now, I felt it better to change the de-facto status to de-jure. While the account will remain open since I work on business-related promotions, I am no more going to share tidbits of my life on it.

The second decision was to streamline Twitter. Unlike FB, there are a lot of good content curators and threads, that I learn from. There is also a lot of dialogue, which if you dip into, you tend to get carried away, and then get into infinite scroll mode.

So I decided to use Twitter rather than to scroll through it.

Third decision – Quit Instagram. Again, same as FB. Will use it for business only, and will stop the scroll thingy there as well.

A good start to the new year, I must say!

Ah something bad as well. The toothache is back, and it is a different tooth this time. Actually one that got filled, but looks like an RC on the cards. Nevertheless, I didn’t shy away from booking an appointment for tomorrow, so that I can get it crossed off my list.

As you may have guessed by now, I am in mission mode. The last two years were spent in building a base, its now time to consolidate and grow. Both professionally and personally. The kid is growing too, and he will now need a lot of time from me. Which I am more than happy to give, at the cost of the silly scrolling which is good riddance anyway.

How did your year start?