Day 1 of a new life?

It’s done!

Day 1 went better than expected. He woke relatively earlier, was in a good mood, ate a hearty breakfast and off he went.

Well we dropped him actually, and he didn’t even look back. Just went in and started to play. We went and had a coffee, stayed nearby just in case – but there was nothing to worry about. He was fine.

I think as parents, we worry too much for our kids. The only species who does, in this manner. The emotions attached with a child are very strong, and in some way, we want to ensure our own continuity by moulding the child in our own shadow. Maybe that is why in many cases, the child takes the same profession as the parent, or maybe it is that competency grows with each passing generation? Many ways of looking at it.

But I think what is critical is to allow the child to flower on his or her own. Discover the world as it unravels in front of him, and as he looks on in awe, to guide him through the journey of life. To fulfill our responsibilities towards the circle of life – to continue it, to make it flourish. And as we bow out, to leave wonderful memories for him to cherish.

Wow, all this on day 1? LOL. Wonder what lies ahead!

See you tomorrow.