And blocks he will build…

Well, almost.

After a lot of visiting, reading and thinking (and dilly dallying), we finally settled for one just down the road.

Building Blocks, they are called. And I sure hope they end up building well:)

And so now it’s a lot of forms, more forms, papers, disclaimers and allergy declarations. We don’t know what allergies Rohāmrta has, and we sure don’t want to find out the hard way:)

Another issue will be his name – he goes by Keshav at present, but his actual name is Rohāmrta. Maybe he will remain Keshav till 1st grade – easier for everyone, including him.

So as we trudge down to the nursery (or is it pre-nursery) tomorrow, Keshav will take his first tiny steps towards education – a noble intent, much maligned by poor execution.

Let’s see how this one turns out. Wish us luck!