And we complain…

Life seems pretty unfair to a lot of us, doesn’t it?

Always be dissatisfied, claim some motivational speakers – it powers you ahead, they say.

And so we complain about money, work, family, where we live, the weather, even ourselves!

How many of us wake up with a smile, and say a silent prayer of thanks – being thankful for what we have, for the food we eat, for the people who love us…or even just for being alive?

A great master once said – never look upwards – look downwards. You will always be thankful.

Look downwards – people who struggle in public transport when we drive cars, people who can’t afford a meal when we waste food…people for whom life is a daily struggle.

Here is one such person – the only difference is that she overcame her physical limitations with her undying spirit.

Are you still complaining?

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