A stithh in time…

So day 1 of the canal of the root,

She really did drill into my toot,

An x-ray and a filling,

and a little bit of killing,

Have left me all but mute!

The moral of the story, as we all understand though bitter experience, is that prevention is better than cure.

All I had to do was brush twice a day. A seemingly simple exercise, but one that leaves a high toll in it’s absence.

We neglect, to a breaking point.

Studies, work, careers, relationships…

Take it for granted, stop caring enough, and just keep going thinking that the days will pass by smoothly regardless.

They do, and on the outside, little damage is seen.

The actual story is happening within. Little by little, the insides keep rotting away, the pain starts to spread without becoming apparent.

Until one day, the tipping point us reached. You fail, get fired, get dumped, or as in my case, get infected.

Why do we let things to descend into neglect?

Didn’t we all learn, as early as in our school days, that a stitch in time saves nine?

Wasn’t that difficult to remember, and it rhymed as well. Not like the pitiful attempt I made earlier in this post, it actually had a ring to it.

We forgot something as basic as this. And the results are all out there, in our lives, all around us.

And so today, as the anesthetic subsides, and the pain slowly returns, reminding me of my “oral transgressions”, I would like you to reflect on that one thing that you have taken for granted.

And then, stop doing it.

Try to address it right away, Do something, take care, bring it back on track. Heal it.

For tomorrow may be too late.

Remember – a stithh in time…saves nine (pardon my pronunciation, the numbness has still not gone!).