A few drops, and then some…

Last year, it rained on January 3rd. This year too, but today it rained quite heavily.

I just repeated what I did last year. Chill, chai and pakoras. Threw in a bit of work as well for good measure.

Also dug in for a generous serving of my daily reading. At an exciting part that describes just how cyclical world history is, and what is probably in store for us in the coming ten years (short version – not good). But what the hell, life is all about taking it as it comes sometimes isn’t it?

Anyways, here is what I had written last year, when it rained. I hope to be writing the same the next year too!

Love it when it rains in Dubai. A rarity, each moment is savored to one’s satisfaction.

Until of course, it continues and does not stop.

Many are not used to gloomy weather in the Emirates, and so the three days of rain have been kind of odd. Day 1 we made pakoras and hot tea, settled into our chairs and enjoyed the beauty of the water pouring from the skies.

Day 3 is more like when can we clean our car and also see the sun while we are at it…

Personally, this weather reminds me of Bengaluru so I am quite game, but the issue is that I have to work on something as exciting, and the result is me in two minds – should I go to my balcony and enjoy the weather, or sit inside and work on that article that’s pending?

It didn’t help that I had two gloomy calls towards the end of the day. One was a picky client and the other was a boring potential business partner. Add the gloomy weather to the mix and one ends the day on a low.

I find it interesting on how other people and situations can affect us so deeply. One’s mood changes in an instant – based on what someone else tells us or the way they act with us. We allow them to change our moods and energy levels – it shouldn’t be this way. You should be in control yes?

I guess what helps is awareness, at that very moment when you feel the changing mood. All you need to do is be aware – acknowledge that this is going south, and realize that it’s all in the head. You can analyze the situation later and take a third-party look at it, rather than being involved within and acting emotionally. What say?

Try it out. As for me, I will end the day on a high – my son walked for the first time and waved goodbye as well. Two big steps (literally as well) and a happy witness at the other end. If that does not cheer one up, what will?

See you tomorrow!