A cold, cold day…

With warm, warm interactions:)

I knew it was a packed day the moment I woke. At 5. But I couldn’t really get up till past 6, coz Rohāmrta woke with me and well, I had to try to put him to sleep. And I was unsuccessful. So, we both trudged down to the hall where he got busy with his toys, and me with my laptop.

A long day packed with meetings and calls, and I was in no mood to work. Dragged myself to DIFC somehow, handled a couple of calls on the way, and then a meeting with a long-time client. Exciting business proposition that pepped me up a couple of notches. Then back to my team where we brainstormed on the agenda for 2023, and I found myself in a much better mood than when I had started the day.

We then had a pizza party, and an interview with a potential candidate right in the middle of it. Must be a first-time of sorts – having an interview with both the interviewer and the interviewee (and the team) shoving pizza pieces down our throats. Well, there is always a first time.

Anyways, back home and a couple of more calls and interactions, and then a well-deserved break for an extended coffee and snacks with the wife. Holiday planning, ahem.

And then I reached home to find a fantastic corporate gift from one of my newer clients – a diary, speaker, pen, charging pad, vaccum mug, the works. Was unexpected, and a very sweet gesture. Brought a smile to my face…

I guess the day turned out ok by the end of it. Love it when the day progresses this way – a lot of work, a lot of talk, and a lot of smiles. The cold weather didn’t make the day cold – it got warmer as it went along. And I am thankful for it, for the opportunities the day presented, for the time I got to spend well. A good feeling at the end of it:)

See you tomorrow!