You “can” do it…

Watching a child grow can be the most fulfilling thing that you can ever experience.

Here is what I wrote when he was 10 months old.

The experience then was different than it is now. But the feeling is the same:)

I see him picking up an empty can,

carefully, trying to coordinate his limbs,

adjusting his grip, pausing, slipping,

until he gets it upright, and reaches for the smaller can

to slowly lower it into the other,

he misses twice, but does not relent

nor does he let me do it for him,

instead, he tries again, and again

until he finally gets it right,

and then gingerly, the prestige of the trick

lowering the cap onto this contraption

breathing slowly…and aha – it’s done,

and he turns to me, triumphant look on his face,

hand paused in mid-air, waiting for that all-important clap

that we happily oblige him with..and his face lights up

my 10 month-old Rohāmrta and nature at work,

learning a new skill, never grows old

even when you do.