Why don’t you just try?

As I logged into LinkedIn a couple of days back, it gave me an option to create newsletters (and run them on a regular basis).

The ever-curious me decided to have a go. And so I headed to Canva, made a banner, thought of a name (a bit of this…and a bit of that…) and hey and pesto, I had a newsletter ready.

Didn’t think much of it until yesterday, when I made a post and it unintentionally got send as the first edition of the newsletter.

Today, when I looked at the stats, I did a double take. That two-day old newsletter now has over 5000 subscribers, and counting.

This is what the internet does to you, when you try to use it well. Actually, when you just try.

The key is to try out new things, especially when they are free. At the most, nothing happens. Best case scenario – there is no limit.

The pandemic pushed a large part of the population to spend more time online, and a lot of new businesses have sprung up this way. One-man (or woman) businesses, which mainly involve short-form content creation and pushing it out there with the help of technology. No team doing all this. Just individuals.

Which makes me egg you on to get out there and do your thing. All you need is a device, and an internet connection. Both of which you have if you are reading this post. And yes, intent.

Try it out. And wish me luck – let’s see if that LinkedIn newsletter goes places.

See you tomorrow!