Where is the news?

Open any new site today. The ratio is roughly 30/70.

That is, 30% of actual news, and 70% clickbait and tabloid-type articles. 

Top clickbaits include Bollywood holidaying in Maldives, although I am very curious to know who takes along professional photographers to holidays and even worse, honeymoons. 

The rest is about couple goals, vacay goals, fitness goals, and even airport-look goals. Never mind that the goals of most of the people reading such trash include very real-world making a living and surviving goals, none of which find space in the aforementioned (and illustrated) columns. 

Just when did news become this?

Switch on the TV and it’s worse. Anchors now are judge, jury and executioner, with 10-20 windows of paid-to-be-insulted “guests” on shows that put the once-alarmist Sansani (chain se sona hai toh jaag jao fame) to shame. 

Yet we wonder why there is so much stress in our lives? 

A good detox would be to avoid news sites and tv news for a week, and observe your vitals like blood pressure and resting heart beat. You may also face sever withdrawal symptoms, bordering on drug addiction (yes, it has been proven), but stay focused on the goal. I can assure you that there will be a marked improvement – in fact, just a couple of days should preview the good results ahead. 

Don’t be a bait. Find some truly worthy news sources (preferably an old-world newspaper) and stay away from tension-inducing news anchors. News is once a day – the rest is just flow of news. That you heard of it first isn’t going to fetch you anything or make a difference to your life, so might was well concentrate on what is around you, than what happened a thousand miles away. 

Think about it. 

See you tomorrow!