What kind of animal are you?

What kind of Animal are you?

You may have played this game in your teens or college, but today’s post is not about that. It’s about a pre-teaser that I saw today – Animal – starring Ranbir Kapoor.

Firstly, this whole teasing thing is going to a completely different level. You now have posters, motion posters, pre-teasers, teasers, song teasers, lyrical songs, songs themselves and then finally a trailer. Phew.

Anyways, the clip has 20-30 henchmen all in formal wear, complete with ties, gold-colored helmets/masks and axes. Of course, the hero grabs an axe himself and goes chop chop till well, we all know what happens.

Being a small business owner myself, I wonder how this whole thing pans out for the villain, or as it goes now, the negative protagonist. I mean firstly recruit 20-30 henchmen, perform kyc checks and onboarding, salary enrollments and commission structures based on err..heads hacked maybe, and then get them formal wear complete with garish golden helmets and axes – all part of the fixed assets of the company.

That’s a good amount of money spent already. Then, send them either in buses, cars or (worse) bikes, petrol consumption and all, to the hero’s (positive protagonist) den, where he all but grabs an axe and makes short work of the whole tribe like in 2-3 minutes (and 40-50 gashes). Axes gone, clothes ripped, employees dead with provident fund/end of service benefit obligations all kicking in. And the hero lives!

The worst human resource/procurement department ever.

Why not just invest in one sniper – a good gun, and take a shot? Much more productivity, much lesser waste of fixed assets and much lesser expense ratio. All this, and goals achieved as well.

But much less fun as well I guess. All boils down to us common people wanting an outlet – all those people we wanted to beat to pulp – that annoying boss, that noisy neighbour, that crazy driver who cut you off on the road – all is vented through that that axe that Ranbir wields and goes chop-suey on his very unproductive assailants.

Chop Chop smash smash – phew – got that out of my system finally.

Animal – releasing soon in a theatre near you.

See you tomorrow!