Welcome, creator economy!

Tomorrow is a creator’s economy.

There are no barriers to entry. A one-man army can actually create a disproportionate impact with content creation and effective promulgation.

But there is a method in the madness. It is not enough to simply create and put it out there – there are not just thousands, but millions who do this on a daily basis, without much success.

The key is is to lay out a content plan, be original, and progressively improve, rather than trying to make the perfect content at first instance. But most importantly, be consistent. Don’t give up. Not in a day, not in a month, not in a year, not even in three years.

If you put your heart into it, success will surely be yours.

If you have seen Kamal Hassan’s Vikram, you would have mostly been pleasantly surprised during the wedding sequence. Yes, You Tube Tatha was there!

I had written about him and his grandsons a few months earlier (as below) and since then, I’ve noticed many new ones, some of them from as far-flung places as Azerbaijan and a remote village in Iran. Mostly farm life, cooking and living all filmed in 4k detail. Goes to show that quality content can be created from anywhere, provided you have the creativity, talent and the drive!

The next few decades will be creator economies, given that the barriers to entry that once existed are no more relevant. All you need is a decent phone camera, basic processing and you are done. Gone are the days when you had to call a videographer to take simple videos of birthdays and the like. And software closes the gaps where humans are not able to err..make the cut.

All that stops you…is YOU!

I have been watching various “village cooking” channels over the past few months. First, there was one from Tamil Nadu – a grandpa with his grandsons – an energetic take on cooking a monstrous amount of food and then distributing it to the needy. Entertaining, and I’ve seen them improve on their production values over time.

Another one that I stumbled upon a couple of days back was from Punjab, where an elderly lady (seems 80+) and her grandson make some exciting recipes – again in large quantities.

The channels can be viewed here and here.

It’s interesting to see a role reversal of sorts – technology has helped the older generation be so productive in a way that their children and grandchildren now need their help to become famous:)

And it is hard work – the grandpa and the grandma actually make valuable contribution, and not just sit around while the younger ones do the cooking.

Their views clock over a million in many cases. Wow. And to think of all those crazy ticktockers trying to act their silliest best in the hope of grabbing a few thousand eyeballs. Quality works, whatever be the industry!

See you tomorrow…