Time and tide, and somethings in between…

Ok, a flurry of activity on the work front, with a license a day coming in, and a new employee joining on Monday. Also, my ops head finally took his well-deserved vacation, with his boss still waiting for his:) So a lot more stuff to be done the next week.

A very big development in my personal life as well, and I can’t wait to get that done. Overall, an eventful month. To think of it, nearly a month has already passed in 2023!

Time and tide wait for no man.

I can understand time, but why does tide appear in this phrase? Any ideas? Say say?

Ok for those who don’t know it, tide WAS time back in the day (14th century) when this phrase was first coined by Chaucer. “Will see you at low tide” was probably a way of saying that I will see you this evening at 5 or something…Precise time was not much of a concern then. It made its appearance due to the first railroad, which needed synchronized time to avoid untimely (pun intended) accidents! And because of factories too. That’s where the ‘9 to 5’ originated, and most of the world continues to work like in a factory, even in knowledge economies. Someone needs to wake em up!

That someone surely isn’t me though, since I have my plate full at the moment. The work we do is exciting, not because of the nature of it, but because of the way we do it. Here is to more innovation, more AI and more hard work. Up, up and away!