Think different…

We had an important milestone in our firm today.

One that we prepared for, and for many months.

The individual in question worked hard, and we tried our best to support him in his endeavor.

Finally, today we came to know that he succeeded. And what a moment it was, when I opened the email and realized this.

Oh, the sweet taste of success!

Well, celebrations are in order, but this is also the first step in a long journey. An exciting, full of responsibilities and learning type of journey. Do we tread the same path as the others, or do we try to improve on the predecessors and make it even more challenging?

The choice is ours, but in my head, it’s not really a choice. It’s a given. Why do something the same way it was done earlier, when we can make it much better? Yes, it takes an incremental effort, like for instance, when we went completely digital, but the results speak for themselves.

Clients love it, and they appreciate the extra effort in making their lives that little bit easier. And we end up making a difference.

Which is what makes life worthwhile, at the end of it.

Food for thought, but for now, food for celebration!