the social dilemma…

There are only two industries that call its customers users – illegal drugs and software….

A powerful statement from an equally powerful documentary – the social dilemma (TSD) – now playing on Netflix. 

You have heard the adage – if you are not paying for a product – you are the product. 

TSD goes a step further – you are not the product – the behavioural changes that are brought about in you, through the (excessive) use of social media (SM) – is the product. 

SM brings the world together, or that’s how it is supposed to work. 

But SM is also increasingly polarising us, the veil of anonymity lends fuel to our inner biases, and they come out in full force on Twitter, FB and Insta. 

And it is addictive – the dopamine shot that it gives us keeps us hooked on SM for hours everyday – hours that we could spend living a meaningful life…

What do you feel about this excessive addiction to SM? Can it be controlled? If so, how? And how do you put in controls for the most vulnerable – kids?

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