The return of history?

We have seen a lot of activity in restorations post 2019. First was the Ram Mandir, and now the Kashi Vishvanath corridor. Mathura is next, say sources.

What goes around comes around. History is written by the victors, but is witnessed by time. And unlike men, time cannot lie, nor can it defend, nor can it rationalize. It can just witness.

The invaders left long ago, but all that remains in the land of their own birth is mud and blood that spills to this day.

And the lands they invaded flourished once again, rebuilt, and regained the glory, that they had never really lost.

We, as tourists through this brief speck of time, have the opportunity to witness the reversal of fortunes – the re-elevation of places to their rightful place of prominence.

As we pass by, we can only but marvel at these sacred spaces that stood the test of time, and persevered. We cannot stop by, only visit briefly, and the air carries with it a message that we are blessed by our mere presence in the land of holiness.

History is often seen as a dry subject, but what a shame. History is what lends a story to who we are, without which we would only be apes who walked. The story is critical to our survival – for it is the story that makes us do what we do. Without a story, no one would work for any company, without a story, there would be no identification of love and family, without a story there would not be much to bind a country and without a story, there would not be a meaning to our existence.

May not be a coincidence that History has “story” in it.

Let’s learn from it.