The net is down:(

So something is wrong with my mobile internet. In normal circumstances, it would have been fine, but the issue is that it serves as my primary source of data at present – and so, when I am unable to access it seamlessly, I am very inconvenienced. My work pretty much depends on it. 

A few steps of troubleshooting done, and it’s either the network in general, or some quirk on my account. Both of which are not very easy to resolve. Which means, tomorrow is a busy day + the headache. Damn. 

Makes me think about the level of dependence we have on the internet. Introduced as something of a hobby, the net is now more in the roti, kapda, makaan category. Even a minute of downtime is frustrating, so imagine if it had to go down for like a day or something – worldwide. What would happen?

Shudder just thinking about it. 

Anyways, doomsday scenarios apart, tomorrow is going to be a tough day. Wish me luck!