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In chanting mantras, in visiting holy places, in taking care of the elderly, in worshipping the devas, in tending to others needs, and in respecting one’s Gurus…the more devotion one has in these matters, the more are the fruits of his efforts.

Thinking this way, BrahmaDatta continued on his journey.

“And that is why”, said VairāgyaKumar, अपि कापुरुषो मार्गे द्वितीयः क्षेम-कारकः । कर्कटेन द्वितीयेन जीवितं परिरक्षितम् ॥Even if a worthless person accompanies you on a journey, it is helpful. The crab that accompanied the Brahmin ended up saving his life.

“So please take me with you”, pleaded VairāgyaKumar.

“I am sorry, but that is not possible. You have to suffer the consequences of your greed”, replied TruptaKumar, as he folded his hands, and set out on his long journey home.

“That is why I said”, concluded DevaSharma’s wife,

अतिलोभो न कर्तव्यः कर्तव्यस् तु प्रमाणतः ।
अतिलोभज-दोषेण जम्बुको निधनं गतः ॥ २१ ॥

atilobho na kartavyaḥ kartavyas tu pramāṇataḥ |
atilobhaja-doṣeṇa jambuko nidhanaṃ gataḥ || 21 ||

One should not give up greed, but one should not be too greedy as well. The wheel whirled on the head of the person who was the most greedy.

DevaSharma understood, and apologized for leaving the children alone in the house. His wife lived all her life with the regret of having inadvertently killed the mongoose, due to her acting out of haste.

“And that is why”, concluded the judge,

अपरीक्ष्य न कर्तव्यं कर्तव्यं सुपरीक्षितम् ।
पश्चाद् भवति सन्तापो ब्राह्मणी नकुलं यथा ॥ १७ ॥

aparīkṣya na kartavyaṃ kartavyaṃ suparīkṣitam |
paścād bhavati santāpo brāhmaṇī nakulaṃ yathā || 17 ||

One should always think before acting, and never reach a conclusion without examining all the facts. Else, it would lead to a lot of regret, like in the case of the Brahmin lady and the mongoose.

ManiBhadra was taken to prison where he spent the rest of his life.

And that is why

कुदृष्टं कुपरिज्ञातं कुश्रुतं कुपरीक्षितम् ।
तन् नरेण न कर्तव्यं नापितेनात्र यत् कृतम् ॥ १ ॥

kudṛṣṭaṃ kuparijñātaṃ kuśrutaṃ kuparīkṣitam |
tan nareṇa na kartavyaṃ nāpitenātra yat kṛtam || 1 ||

One should not get into anything, without thinking of the consequences, without knowing all aspects of it, without proper analysis, and without practically testing it…not like that foolish barber.

Thus ends the fifth and last book of the Panchatantra. अपरीक्षितकारकं – Action without proper thought and analysis.

Five books – over 200 blog posts – one per day spread over seven-eight months. Will speak about what I learnt during this mammoth exercise, tomorrow!