The bitter pill of entrepreneurship…

Those who have been following me may know that I am reading Elon Musk’s biography, and what an interesting read it is!

Now, am not a sucker for bios, and surely not for self-help books, but some do stand out, especially the ones penned by Walter Isaacson. The work he did on Steve Jobs’s biography was exceptional, and in time. This one too, goes into minute detail – the trials and tribulations that have gone into making Elon a once-in-a-generation visionary.

Go onto LinkedIn and you would find this word- visionary- so loosely used…everyone and his uncle claims to be one, when the only vision that they have is on someone else’s post, to copy and claim as their own. A true visionary can see far ahead, far more than not just the average Joe but even the pundits of their times. Their ideas border on the absurd and that they seem ridiculous to the powers that be, but they are vindicated in due course. Elon is one such person – who single-handedly, managed to change the course of vehicular, space, solar and internet history.

But that’s the rosy bit. When we don’t realize is the struggle behind the billions, the incredible amount of self-drive required to swim against the tide and believe when no one else does. Every entrepreneur faces this, some in larger measure, others lesser, but they do face it nevertheless. That Elon succeeded much more than you or me doesn’t make our own struggles any lesser – he just has a superhuman drive and focus. But we do our bits too. We succeed through hard work as well. And the drive – well it is always there.

The struggles are hidden behind the curtains – we are all unfairly judged by the outcomes. Those who fail are relegated to the dustbins of history – those who make it are put on a pedestal, with others waiting for an opportunity to pull them down.

Once you recognize this, you tend to put on blinkers and focus on the task at hand – judgement be damned. For the only person you are truly answerable to is the one who looks back at you from the mirror – it is he who you cannot lie to, and who will not lie to you.

Read the book:)