The bird and the ocean – Part 2

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Her husband, who patiently listened to her speak, said “My dear! Do you think I am Yad Bhavishyahah? You will now see how intelligent I am. I will dry this wicked ocean, with my beak.

His wife replied ” Do you really want to fight the ocean? It is not right on your part, to be angry with him. It is said…

पुंसाम् असमर्थानाम् उपद्रवायात्मनो भवेत् कोपः ।
पिठरं ज्वलद्-अतिमात्रं निज-पार्श्वान् एव दहतितराम् ॥ ३५३ ॥

puṃsām asamarthānām upadravāyātmano bhavet kopaḥ |
piṭharaṃ jvalad-atimātraṃ nija-pārśvān eva dahatitarām || 353 ||

A weak person harms only himself by getting angry. Much like a red-hot vessel only burns it’s own base, not of any other vessel.

“Remember”, she continued, “a person, who without knowing his own strength, or the enemies strength, rushes to the battlefield, perishes like a moth drawn to fire.”

Her husband responded ” You shouldn’t think this way my dear. Those who are enthusiastic in their pursuits, have the ability to face a much stronger enemy in battle. It is said…”

बालस्यापि रवेः पादाः पतन्त्य् उपरि भूभृताम् ।
तेजसा सह जातानां वयः कुत्रोपयुज्यते ॥ ३५७ ॥

bālasyāpi raveḥ pādāḥ patanty upari bhūbhṛtām |
tejasā saha jātānāṃ vayaḥ kutropayujyate || 357 ||

Even the rising sun places its feet-like “newly-born”rays on top of the massive mountains…likewise, age has nothing to do with talent.

“Talented people rise because of their inherent capabilities, not because of their age. “

हस्तौ स्थूलतरः स चाङ्कुश-वशः किं हस्ति-मात्रो ऽङ्कुशो दीपे प्रज्वलिते प्रणश्यति तमः किं दीप-मात्रं तमः ।
वज्रेणापि हताः पतन्ति गिरयः किं वज्र-मात्रो गिरिस् तेजो यस्य विराजते स बलवान् स्थूलेषु कः प्रत्ययः ॥ ३५८ ॥

hastau sthūlataraḥ sa cāṅkuśa-vaśaḥ kiṃ hasti-mātro ‘ṅkuśo dīpe prajvalite praṇaśyati tamaḥ kiṃ dīpa-mātraṃ tamaḥ |
vajreṇāpi hatāḥ patanti girayaḥ kiṃ vajra-mātro giris tejo yasya virājate sa balavān sthūleṣu kaḥ pratyayaḥ || 358 ||

An elephant is massive in size; yet it’s mahout controls it using a mere steel hook – is that hook the same size as the elephant? Darkness perishes when the lamp shines – is the size of the lamp anywhere close to the extent of darkness? Mountains fall when hit by a thunderbolt – is the size of a thunderbolt comparable to a mountain? Hence it is evident that being bigger in size is not an indicator of strength.

“One who is talented and intelligent is truly strong, however big or small he may be. And so, I will dry this entire ocean, with my beak. “

His wife was still not convinced. “My dear, the holy Ganga feeds the ocean along with its nine hundred rivers, and so does the river Sindhu. How would you be able to dry up an ocean that is fed continuously by eighteen hundred rivers, using your little beak that only holds a few drops of water at a time? You should stop thinking of things that are impossible.”

Her husband replied “Confidence is the key to success. My beak is as hard as iron, and the days and nights are long. I am confident that I will be able to dry this ocean up. Nothing is impossible for a person who puts in his best efforts – दुरधिगम: परभागो यावत्पुरुषेण पौरुषं न कृतं! (duradhigamaḥ para-bhāgo yāvat puruṣeṇa pauruṣaṃ na kṛtam |).

The female Tittibha, seeing that her husband was in no mood of giving up, replied ” In that case, if you really want to fight the ocean, then call the other birds and your close friends as well – let them join you in battle. It is said…”

बहूनाम् अप्य् असाराणां सम्वायो हि दुर्जयः ।
तृणैर् आवेष्ट्यते रज्जुर् यथा नागो ऽपि बद्ध्यते ॥ ३६१ ॥

bahūnām apy asārāṇāṃ samvāyo hi durjayaḥ |
tṛṇair āveṣṭyate rajjur yathā nāgo ‘pi baddhyate || 361 ||

Even weak people become unconquerable, if they are united. A rope is made up of just dry grass can bind even a mighty elephant.

And also…

चटकाकाष्ठ-कूटेन मक्षिका-दर्दुरैस् तथा ।
महाजन-विरोधेन कुञ्जरः प्रलयं गतः ॥ ३६२ ॥

caṭakākāṣṭha-kūṭena makṣikā-dardurais tathā |
mahājana-virodhena kuñjaraḥ pralayaṃ gataḥ || 362 ||

The sparrow joined the wood-pecker; the bee joined the frog; and they all got together and killed the elephant.”

“And how did that happen?” asked her husband.

His wife replied…

to be continued

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