sniff sniff sneeze sneeze aaaachhooo!

It’s that time of the year again!

So the cold caught up with me, brought with it a nice sore throat and a light fever to boot. Along came downtime, missed calls and fuming clients. But a man’s sick and can’t help it now can I?

The young one went to visit the Safari (part of a nursery trip), saw lions, tigers, seetaahs (cheetahs) and turtles. He too brought along a return gift – a 38 degree reading on the sparkling new above 36 months categorization on the thermometer. And so both father and son are alternating between hot and cold (hot hot hot hot, cold cold cold – so goes his nursery rhyme) while the mother is busy trying to hold fort at both ends, and attending to her sore back at the same time.

Reminds me of something that I wrote a while back…Seems to have worked until I did it, and then work caught up so it didn’t work no more. If the previous line made no sense, do excuse me – am writing this in between sniffs and sneezes!

Ok so I have been taking this tablet from the past three months, to control an allergy that apparently popped out of nowhere. The nose is not quite happy with me since then, and the tablets do help keep him in check, until I stop taking them…even for a day.

So as I trudged down to the doctor earlier today, seeking another round of tablets – not my favorite thing in the world, I hate taking tabs – anyways, I wondered what may be causing this to happen. Nothing material changed in these four months – I stay at the same place, eat the same stuff, and generally no material changes that could trigger this.

The doctor too ran out of ideas – she sent me to the ENT (again) and he performed a customary check and confirmed that nothing was out of order. Hmmm…do you have headaches? No. Fever – nope…Check the back of your cupboards, he then said. There may be growth of mould there. Ahem.

Change your house, he then blurted out. Ah..who ever knew an allergy could go this far!

So as it stands, I am on a new round of medication for the allergy, with a rider that if this does not work in 20 days, I would have to take an allergen test (not covered by insurance of course), which would determine the spectrum of air and food-related things that I have to stay away from. Nice.

And of course, a detailed examination of the crime scene is in order. Something potentially lurks behind the cupboards. We shall know soon!

I guess I better start my jal neti and double-down on my pranayama – health is wealth after all. Amazon, here I come!