Shop till you drop…and then some

It’s Black Friday.

Or Yellow Friday, or White Wednesday, or whatever color is offered in this part of the world by a particular retailer.

It’s getting so weird, it’s not even funny anymore.

And its in-your-face lies that is peddled in the name of discounts. The prices are shown discounted, but from a price that was never the actual anyway.

We end up overshooting, an extra shot of dopamine that gets even more difficult to satisfy the next time around.

While it’s true that some purchases do end up being good deals, but they remain in the minority.

And most of these purchases are done through credit cards who offer flashbacks but make it back from you, and more, in interest. Or in four interest-free installments that make you spend more than you bargained for (pun intended).

Try another method instead. Make a list of all probable purchases for the year – clothes, shoes, perfumes, electronics etc. – in advance. And make a budget, with possible months when you intend to purchase them.

Then contribute regularly to a shopping fund that you maintain separately – small amounts like 100 or 200 rupees that may end up as loose change, rounded off amounts and the like. Aim to reach the target month and amount, but don’t force it. Let the amount grow organically. You will be surprised how much all that loose change adds up to.

Once collected, spend. As simple as that. Don’t worry too much about cashbacks and loyalty points – they only end up making you shop more. Collect and spend – so no interest, no worries about repayment, and you also end up developing a good saving habit on the side.

Tell me if it works!