September 17th, 1950

Ok, a lot of you knew this post was coming, isn’t it?

Well, I don’t have to take you through the journey of the man – most of you already know it, or at least some parts of it.

Today, I want to speak about learning. Constant learning.

Modiji is an exceptional politician because of many factors, but arguably the biggest of them all is his extraordinary capacity to learn.

He has been associated with the grassroots for decades, which gave him the exposure to how India really lives. The schemes he comes out with are a result of those experiences, from which he learned what truly matters to the common man.

Learning is an underrated power. We study a lot in our lives, but a few of us truly learn. The richness of life around us teaches us many things offline and online, and it is well beyond our capacity to digest each and every aspect of it. Nor can we remember every bit of what we learned.

But does one have to make the effort to remember?

I recall something that Modiji said when he met with the ParaOlympic athletes recently. One of them asked him how he manages to remember so much, to which he replied that one does not need to remember, if one is truly involved in the process.

A simple statement, but very true. We study to remember, but we only remember the bits that we are truly passionate about – the ones where we are most involved.

I am currently reading a book quirkily titled “How to teach philosophy to your dog”, by Anthony McGowan. I like the way that he has distilled complex philosophical concepts in a way that they can be understood by anyone, and with a touch of understated humor. I am also researching on a few new fintechs that act as gateways to the equity markets – a website called “smallcase” for instance. I am also learning about how card issuers and electronic money licenses are regulated in the United Kingdom and (of late) in the UAE.

Three different topics. Each one as interesting as the other. The point being – learning never stops. And learning can be in any field – as long as it interests you.

And no learning goes to waste. Modiji travelled the length and breath of India before getting into electoral politics, and he has been undefeated since then. And the secret sauce is learning.

Keep at it. The subject does not matter, what matters is the penchant for learning. If you have that, you will be able to adapt to any situation – come what may.

Here is wishing the Prime Minister of India, a very happy birthday. मोदीजी, आपको जन्मदिन की बहुत सारी शुभकामनाएँ!