Rocky aur Rani and a love story…

I saw Rocky aur Rani ki prem kahaani – and was pleasantly surprised.

I don’t expect much from a Karan Johar movie anyways – they are so disconnected from reality that it isn’t even funny. It’s been a while since he directed and the trailer didn’t do much to change my opinion.

However, I woke up a bit too early this morning and was unable to go back to sleep – and so I thought of giving the movie a chance.

It was good.

While we didn’t have to leave our brains at home totally (besides, I WAS home), there were some instances that didn’t make much sense. For instance, the friend of the hero (a staple in most Bollywood movies) and in this case, the gym trainer, appears in the first 10-15 minutes and then conveniently disappears. Much like the exercise resolutions that we make every new year. The super large mansion of the Randhawa family has three servants who make a brief appearance and then take a holiday for the rest of the movie. Everyone seems super rich (as in every Karan Johar movie) – but then, I’m just nitpicking. This is the most un-Karan movie I’ve seen in a while.

The good stuff – Ranveer Singh and Jaya Bhaduri. The exact roles I thought would be bad. Very well written personalities, and perfectly enacted. Loved it.

But deep down, there were commentaries on families and human relationships – some that are formed over time but get lost on the way, blood relations that seem thicker than water, but get complicated…and memories that linger even after many decades – a sort of non-closure than haunts us. A lot about adjustments, change of mindset and stereotypes – but well handled.

It’s a tag long, and doesn’t drag. Leaves you with a smile and tear, more smiles than tears so that’s good.

But at the core lies a message – repairing a wounded relationship is just a sorry away. Unfortunately for most of us, we reminisce about it, but just cannot bring up the courage to say it. And therein lies the paradox of happiness.

See you tomorrow!