Rathnan Prapancha

I saw this movie on Amazon Prime today.

Rathnan Prapancha (or Rathna’s world) is a Kannada movie, starring Dhananjaya, and directed by Rohit Padaki.

I have mentioned in my earlier posts, about OTT bridging the language barriers within India (and worldwide) and bringing to us stories that we can savor, one subtitle at a time.

Of course, I don’t need subtitles for Kannada movies, but this movie had some parts shot in North Karnataka, for which I needed to refer to the text below.

Nevertheless, the movie was beautiful – a story woven well, with strong characterizations and an interesting premise.

Who is your mother? The one who gives birth to you…or the one who takes care of you?

Thousands of years ago, this same question had confronted Sri Krishna. Was Devaki is real mother? Or was Yashoda? Would he have the same feelings for Devaki, that he had for Yashoda? Or is birth the more important event, vetoing the many years that Yashoda spent in nurturing the child?

The movie puts this question in a modern context, adding a good bit of comedy, drama and emotion into an engaging story, with good performances across the board. A special mention goes out to Pramod Panju, who plays his part so convincingly that one cannot imagine anyone else in his place. The story culminates in a bittersweet ending, but gives us a lot to think about during the journey.

And it just isn’t about mothers. This can be put in context of any relationship – the maxim that “blood is thicker than water” doesn’t hold well, when you look at your own life. So many people cross your path, some stay longer than others, and the ones who end up making a difference in your life, and who you value the most, become family. They may be related, or not.

Who in your life has been more than family? Do let me know.

See you tomorrow!