There are days that are tiring, and there are days that are TIRING. This is the latter:)

Been working since 6 am, with no end in sight. Of course, I do take breaks but the calls has been a bit too many.

Work is exciting, and am learning something new many days, but it does get exhausting.

Like an exercise routine, when some days you just cannot get yourself to push to the limit.

In Kyokushin Karate, we routinely go to the limit, say hi, kick it open and go beyond. It’s normal for a Kyokushin practitioner to do 100 pushups with the body, and 20 more with the mind, screaming in agony as the count rises. The first 100 are physical strength, the next 20 are mental.

And so when I encounter such days, I thank my training in Kyokushin – when limits were mere suggestions and spirit counted the most. Also, when something is really interesting, one can do with some tiredness.

Everyone has a limit set in their minds. I can only run 4 kilometers. I can only do 20 pushups. I can only swim 10 rounds…but that is only in your mind. In reality, you can do more – you just have to do one step more, one pushup more, and that limit crashes.

That is how records are broken in sports, and that is how the barrier is broken in the mind.

So when you catch yourself thinking that you have reached your limit, try going one step further. You will find it easier than you think!

Else, join Kyokushin:)

See you tomorrow!