Party pooper alert!

Tomorrow is the last day of the calendar year. Another year flies by, without us really knowing what happened. Mostly Corona I guess. And now it’s resurgent again…

Anyways, some plans for meeting close friends and family, and starting the new year on a high note. By working on 1st January.

Personally, I could never reconcile with the fact that the first day of a new year is a holiday. Yes, I know I am in the minority on that thought, but I just cannot help it. While I may not work the whole day, I need to at least lay out the plans for the year and take that first step towards my quarterly goals.

Some people (most) find it uncanny (crazy). Do you? I mean, anyone else out there who thinks the same way?

Nevertheless, I am very excited about the coming few months, personally and professionally. I also aim to start a new series (that I have been promising for a while now) and that would mostly take up 2 years at a stretch, if I do. Lets see.

Here is wishing you a very happy New Year’s Eve. Covid is still around, so celebrate responsibly. Best, go to sleep (party pooper) and wake up fresh next morning, in a brand new year (just another day) and usher in new possibilities.

See you tomorrow!