Orientation day…

So tomorrow, Keshav begins his journey in a formal school.

Actually, his parents do, since it is orientation day. The actual classes will commence a bit later.

Stationery purchased, labelled and ready to be dispatched. Photos of Keshav in his new uniform – ready. KHDA process – done. Black shoes (additional) – procured.

Tick marks in all the boxes. Except one – are we all ready for this change?

Keshav for one, is oblivious to all this. He doesn’t know that he will have to wake earlier (I can already hear him cry – sleepy…sleeeeppyyyyyy), eat earlier and somehow be attentive enough to perform play-based activities in sync with other 3-year olds facing similar dozing-off challenges. Coupled with an “eager-to-please her new wards” teacher, it will be quite the scene.

Also, Keshav is not fully toilet-trained yet. The 1, he somehow managed to convey, but the 2 is still a couple of months away – communication of the impending accident that is. He still waits for the diaper before doing the deed. How the school approaches this, remains to be seen. Or heard of – as we will once it happens.

I don’t know if schooling in our days was as challenging. Maybe…maybe not. I read somewhere that parents nowadays do much more than parents in the 60s and 70s used to. We are possibly a little too involved in hurrying a process that is natural and takes it’s course. Or is it that today’s world presents its own unique issues that necessiate such involvement?

Questions questions. Seeking the answers. Anyone?