Oops…I lost…

Ok, I lost the challenge. 

From the past few years, the Dubai Fitness Challenge has been the key to kickstarting my winter training schedule. Me and my team have been participating in this initiative and having a small internal competition of our own, to inspire fitness among ourselves. I usually win because of my consistency and well, just been doing it for so long. 

Not this time. 

Not only did I not complete the 30 days, I must have barely scraped through 15 of them. I did what most of us do though. I found an excuse, or actually, many excuses. Too much work, my kid, my house etc etc. 

And I watched as three of my staff demonstrated that it is not the flashy, hare-based approach that wins, but the slow and steady tortoise that ultimately triumphs. 

The challenge is over. But not for me. Many many moons ago, I had read that if someone wants anything really badly, he will find a way. Else, he will find an excuse. I took refuge in the latter, but I will not anymore. 

My challenge begins today. Not for one, but for two months, to make up for it. And these are the busiest two months of the year, professionally and personally. But I will do it. I didn’t have to look far for inspiration. The ladies in my own office showed me the way. 


PS: This is today, by evening:)