Onam Ashamsakal!

Neil Armstrong wasn’t the first person to land on the moon…

KuttiChettan was.

While this joke has been done to death, it does one thing – show the enterprising spirit of the Malayali. And for us in the Gulf, this is more than evident, given the range of businesses that are run by Malayali entrepreneurs. 

From the morning sulaimani, to the Lulu Hypermarket, from Aster Medical to the neighbourhood grocery…Aapams to chicken stew, Shawarma to Burj Khalifa (thats a juice btw), every aspect of our life in the Gulf has been touched by them. Always working, far from home, yet eager to do more. Taking responsibility, implementing new ideas, 

If this isn’t an entrepreneur, I don’t know what is. 

And so today, on the auspicious occasion of Onam, I stand with all Indians, and all residents of the Gulf region, to greet them – to celebrate with them, and to thank them for inspiring us – 

തിരുവോണപ്പുലരിയിൽ തിരുമുൽക്കാഴ്ചവാങ്ങാൻ തിരുമുറ്റമണിഞ്ഞൊരുങ്ങി…തിരുമേനിയെഴുന്നള്ളും സമയമായി… ഹൃദയങ്ങളണിഞ്ഞൊരുങ്ങി… ഓണാശംസകൾ…

Onam Ashamsakal!