On questions…

Is there a God?

Are there many Gods?

Who writes our destinies? Are they even written? Or does life play out in it’s own way and then we die, never to be seen or heard of again?

Do we come back? Even if we do, how would we know?

What lies beyond the Universe? Science says it’s the wrong question, because space and time do not exist outside the universe, but common, there should be something?

How did existence come into being? What came first?

These are some existential questions to which we don’t yet have any answers. Those who follow the path of science will dismiss some (or all) of these questions in a huff, not knowing that science at one point turns to belief (try the quantum theory for instance).

Those who follow the path of religion will point towards religious books and seek (or narrate) answers from there.

Those who follow the path of spirituality will seek these answers through experience.

So which path does one follow? How can we be assured that we will reach the destination, the answers, the realization?

Bad news here. There is no assurance. But there is faith. And as we all know, faith can move mountains…

And faith it is that keeps us going through hard times. We don’t think much when times are good – but when the chips are down, all the knowledge of science doesn’t help you. Your faith in yourself and what you believe in takes you across.

Food for thought:)