On passwords…

How often do you change your passwords?

Do you change them at all?

Was eating breakfast this morning, and got a notification from the bank that AED 100 had been deducted for an OSN payment. 

I don’t have OSN…and so called the bank now, disputed the transaction, and blocked my card.

In the meantime, logged into my online banking, forgot my secret questions, and that got blocked as well.

So, not a great start to the day:))

But this got me thinking – we have a few dozen passwords, on a few dozen logins – some critical (like banking), others more critical (like social media). 

How often do you perform housekeeping on these passwords? And are they secure enough? More importantly, how do you remember them?

I try a phrase, like “ColormeRed@65$$” for instance, and then just change the 65 to 66, 67,68 etc. for various logins.

Of course, this is NOT even close to my password…so don’t bother trying:)

How do you manage this? Any tips for us?

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